Make New Mistakes

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Make New Mistakes

As dads, husbands, and professionals, we make mistakes every day. They’re inevitable.

No one has a handbook for how to raise kids because every child is different and every day presents new challenges. 

The goal is to stop making the same mistakes. 

As we learn and grow, we correct the mistakes we used to make and our growth presents new challenges that will cause us to mess up in ways that we previously have not. To me, this is the definition of growth.

We’re often hard on ourselves for continually making mistakes, but the truth is that we’ll never stop screwing up. So give yourself some grace, and celebrate the growth that is causing you to make new mistakes.

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I am a professional dad of three. Let me clarify - I'm not a professional dad. I am a professional. And I'm a dad. I have a career that I love as a high school social studies teacher. And I am a dad of three to a two-year-old son and twin baby girls.

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