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Smoothie Water

The other day, my parents came over to watch the kids while I went to a meeting for school. I had just finished making a smoothie for Hudson and put the berry-coated blender jar in the sink and filled it halfway with water to make cleaning it easier later. My dad’s first move, as he had been eyeing the whole process, was toward the sink. He grabbed the handle of the jar and started to bring it toward his mouth. I pleaded for him to stop and asked what he was doing. He explained, like it was nothing out of the ordinary, that he was thirsty and that the leftover smoothie in the bottom gives the water extra flavor.


I guess for my dad, it really was nothing out of the ordinary. Knowing him for thirty years, I can recall countless moments like that one.

Kayla, who has become very familiar with my dad’s antics, was excited to add another story to her repertoire (ask her about the Thanksgiving dishwasher incident of 2015). She loves her in-laws and is always asking about them and what my childhood was like. 

She asked me to come up with three words to describe my dad growing up and these came to mind right away:




My dad was and still is one of the most optimistic people I know. It was almost annoying how easily he could see the positive in every situation.

He woke up early each morning and went to a physically demanding job in order to provide for his family. Even in retirement, he continues to stay busy at his dream job: Working at the golf course where he gets to talk to people all day.

While some of my friends talked about how hard their dads were on them and how they got lectured on the way home from a bad game, my dad was always looked for ways to build me up and give encouraging words of support.

It made me realize once again how blessed I am to have the dad that I do and it makes me want to emulate him in almost every way.

As far as I’m concerned, a dad like that can drink all the smoothie water he wants.

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I am a professional dad of three. Let me clarify - I'm not a professional dad. I am a professional. And I'm a dad. I have a career that I love as a high school social studies teacher. And I am a dad of three to a two-year-old son and twin baby girls.

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