Summer is Over

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Summer is Over

Every year around this time, my wife and I begin mourning the loss of a season. It’s raining? Summer is over. The school supplies are out at Target? Summer is over. The Vikings are playing their first preseason game? Summer is over.

Along with the weather change, when I go back to school life picks up speed again as both of us have to be out the door each morning, seeming to add more stress to our lives.

But wait, it’s still August!

Summer is not over! Do not prematurely end this season!

We had to step back and remind ourselves that there is still time. There is still time to enjoy the added freedoms that come with our summer. There is still time to soak up those hot days before the cold starts to move in. We even made a list of things we want to make sure we do before summer is actually over. It was a good reminder of the time we do have.

I have a tendency to overlook what is left of some seasons and focus too much on what is to come. 

I want to be content no matter the season and be powerfully present no matter the circumstances. I need to be mindful of this more often and I want to remind you:

Summer is NOT over!

And even when it is, there is joy to be found in every season.

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I am a professional dad of three. Let me clarify - I'm not a professional dad. I am a professional. And I'm a dad. I have a career that I love as a high school social studies teacher. And I am a dad of three to a two-year-old son and twin baby girls.

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