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Make New Mistakes

As dads, husbands, and professionals, we make mistakes every day. They’re inevitable. No one has a handbook for how to raise kids because every child is different and every day presents new challenges.  The goal is to stop making the same mistakes.  As we learn and grow, we correct the mistakes we used to make […]

Listen Better

Husbands, we’ve got a reputation for being bad listeners. Whether it’s deserved or not is not important, but rather if we as individuals are going to fit the stereotype. I recently went to a conference on leadership that listens and I came away with three things to focus on when it comes to communication in […]

Ducks in a Row

I’m a “ducks in a row” kind of person. When I sit down to write, I make sure my computer and notebook are organized and neat on my desk, I have the right music in my headphones for optimal productivity, and then I feel resistance.  Is this a good enough topic to write about? Can […]