The Screen-Free Saturday Challenge


The Screen-Free Saturday Challenge

The technology we have at our fingertips has the potential to connect us to people around the world, complete tasks more efficiently than previous generations could even fathom, and has also changed the way we work.

As someone who has never known a world without email, internet, and computers, I cannot picture what most jobs looked like without any technology on a desk or on the walls. Depending on the source you’re looking at, Americans spend between two and four hours on their smartphones each day. It’s a little more difficult to track television and computers, but as a society I can’t imagine it’s small number. I began tracking my screen time on my phone using the Moment app and since I started tracking, I am averaging 51 “pickups” and 2 hours and 35 minutes a day on my phone. That amounts to 14% of my waking life. I wouldn’t consider myself a phone addict, but that’s a lot of time.

With this week’s challenge, I want to find out what it really feels like to go a full day without interacting with screens. I know of people who do this on a regular basis and report excellent results, so I am finally going to take a full day to be screen-free. The technology that surrounds us has the potential to make our lives easier and make us more productive. But, the reality is that we feel busier than ever and the technology often makes our lives feel more difficult. I’m not going to be legalistic and will be cheating just a little, so here are the rules that I will be following:

1. No TV or computer. Period.

2. I will only use my phone for essential communication (text and phone calls) and will not use any other apps.

3. The challenge will last 24 hours and will go from midnight to midnight on Saturday.

I’m choosing Saturday because it works best for me (and “Screen-Free Saturday” has a nice ring to it), but feel free to choose any day of the week and modify the rules to make it work for you – while still challenging yourself, of course. 

My goal in completing this challenge is just to change up the daily routine. We get so caught up in the day-to-day grind and this will give me the opportunity to slow down, approach things a little differently, and hopefully reset and recharge.

Let me know how your Screen-Free Saturday (or any other day) goes in the comments!

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